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2022 Wall Calendar – Baidyanath Paintings (18*22 Inches, 1 Page, 170 Gsm)
2022 Wall Calendar – Baidyanath Paintings (18*22 Inches, 1 Page, 170 Gsm)
2022 Wall Calendar – Baidyanath Paintings (18*22 Inches, 1 Page, 170 Gsm)

2022 Wall Calendar – Baidyanath Paintings (18*22 Inches, 1 Page, 170 Gsm)

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 Hailing from Nagari of Lord Shiva (BabaDham)Deoghar, Shri Narendra Panjiyara,  has created paintings after collecting various images from Baba Dham and the portion of Human life. He has had no formal education in art, and his subject learning has been self-taught. He has been awarded a Senior fellowship for 2018-19 in Folk/ Traditional and Indigenous arts from CCRT India. Panjiyara Ji started his journey from the Patna Arts college and chose Deoghar to be the place for his practice. He always kept the form of his painting to be Indian. The use of circles, ovals and lines depicts the indulgence of an Indian kind of aura to enhance the emotions and feelings in the illustrations. He started the series of Baba Dham paintings in the year 2018. The series contains 108 pictures depicting the activity related to the temple and the human lives associated with it. The images revolve around the religious, social, economic and cultural activities happening in and around the temple. The painting derives its name from the famous temple of Babadham, i.e. “Baidyanath Paintings”. The picture is a series of events that Deoghar witnesses daily. They make an excellent souvenir for the devotees to keep a memory from the Baidyanath Dham. One of the 12 jyotirlingas in the country. The paintings are made of acrylic colors by using the best quality materials. 



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Experience the timeless beauty of Baidyanath's exquisite paintings every day with our stunning wall calendar, a celebration of India's rich artistic heritage and a daily reminder of the power of art to inspire, uplift, and enrich our lives. Featuring a carefully curated collection of masterpieces from one of India's most acclaimed artists, each page is a vibrant, colorful journey through the world of Baidyanath's imagination, showcasing his extraordinary talent for capturing the essence of nature, humanity, and spirituality in every stroke. With its high-quality printing and elegant design, our wall calendar is not just a practical tool for staying organized, but also a stunning work of art in its own right, destined to become a cherished addition to any home or office.


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